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Leafeon, Update #2~!

Alright, this is what I've got done today~!

Her paws have been embroidered, and I'll add her paw pads and extra leaves tomorrow~! The colorful wires at the top are the bases for the bendable skeleton. X3 Her foot needs sewing on, and I'm working on her tail leaf~!
Feel free to comment/constructively criticize~!
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It's all I got done today!
I'm working on a Leafeon plushie THAT IS POSABLE AND SITS ON IT'S BOTTOM.
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Since I'll need it, this will serve as a feedback page for right now~!
If you had bought something from me or I had been at the receiving end of a sale, please post your feedback in the comments here like so:

Item bought/sold
Rating by star (1-2 being poor, 3 being neutral, 4-5 being good~!)

Thank you~!
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Back home~!

Since i'm back from the pain-staking 18-hour drive, i'll be uploading some photos of my collection soon~! Be on the look, sorry for the short update~!
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I was hoping that maybe somebody could help me in my quest to collect some Pokemon plushes~! If you know where to find 'em or if you have one and want to offer, please let me know~!

Rotom PokeDoll
My Holy Grail~!
I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY SOOOOO MUUUUCH!!! I CAN'T FIND A LEGITIMATE ONE ANYWHERE! If you know where to get one relatively on budget or have one, let me know.

Lucario PokeDoll
One of my longest ongoing hunts~!
THIS one has eluded me for YEARS. He's a perfect, snuggly thing and i'd love to sit him next to my Jakks Shinx. :D

Leafeon PokeDoll

 Please help me find a legitimate, non-bootleg and non-factory reject, please. -_-'

I have been trying FOREVER to find one that isn't fake or rejected. That's what makes it elusive to me. I love Leafeons, please help!

Lapras PokeDoll

AHH! AHH! AAAHHHHHHH!!! GODS, THE CUTE!!! This one is my favorite PokeDoll, and I can never find one!
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Oh snaaaap, membership!!!

WHEEEE!!! I think I just got accepted into pkmncollector's community! I saw my name on the membership!! :D
Anyways, i'm working on my artwork portfolio to get into SCAD next sumer. Lawd. This is gonna be tough competition. :D
I should be heading back to Georgia soon, so my commissions should be held off for nao, sorry. D: Driving 1000 miles takes a lot of time. XD
If anyone wants a cheap art commission from me (I MEAN REALLY CHEAP IN PRICE), drop a message, i've got a few open slots. If ya want a gallery sampler, visit my DeviantART gallery under the same name. :D
I've gotta get back soon, I don't wanna miss my custom plush coming in from denkimouse, I can already tell that Milotic is gonna be awesome!
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I LIIIIIIIVE~!!!! XD Well, FINALLY, I snagged an account on here. DX Took forever, with all the whatnot.
So. down to business. I draw. A lot. If you see me on DeviantART, you know me with the same username. I can do commissions and send them to you, but you'd have to message me with the details. I promise, I don't charge a lot. At all. Usually about $3.
PLUSHIES. I LURVE THEM. AND I LURVE TRYING TO MAKE THEM. LIKE POKEDOLLS. XD So, if you have ANY tips for me on anything about sewing, patterns, or anything, please let me know. XD Once I get really good at them, I'll start commissions after setting up a good portfolio.
Please leave a comment~! Thankies, bai~!